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Liza Landsman, president of Jet.com and recent Total Retail Top Women in Retail 2018 honoree, is leaving the company just a year-and-a-half after she was promoted to her current role. Wal-Mart acquired Jet.com for $3 billion in 2016. Landsman joined Jet.com in March 2015 in the role of chief customer officer, where she oversaw the company’s aggressive marketing strategy in addition to its branding and analytics functions. Recode reports Landsman is leaving the company for a new role elsewhere, which she saw as “too good to pass up.” Her new job has yet to be announced.

Total Retail’s Take: Multiple sources speculate Landsman is leaving after three years of working at the frantic pace of one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies right now. There’s no question a lot of Jet.com’s success has to do with Landsman’s leadership and current team in collaboration with Marc Lore’s vision. When asked about her leadership style in a recent interview, Landsman said this: 

Direct, empathetic and empowering. I look to hire a smart ensemble of great general athletes with a few leftie power pitchers, trusting that as professional adults they can do their jobs well. My role is being able to set a clear vision, provide resources and clear any obstacles.

For the full interview with Liza Landsman featured in Total Retail’s Top Women in Retail 2018, click here.

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